National Coaching Strategy

The AFL, supported by the WAFC, have developed a new National Coaching Strategy. The strategy will be launched in March of this year and it is imperative that all coaches ensure that they engage with this strategy and have an appropriate accreditation in place. Some of the changes include:

  • No need to attend a full day course to become accredited
  • An annual membership to Coach.AFL rather than the 4 year membership to AFCA/ WAFC as in the past
  • All reaccreditations through the Coach.AFL platform once it is launched
  • Access to a wider range of resources to support coaches
  • A necessity for ALL coaches to continue their coach education on an annual basis

Download the National Coaching Strategy

The WAFC is currently in the process of appointing 3 Coach Coordinator positions to be based in the Metro North, Metro Central and Metro South regions with their role including support to all levels of coaches. Regional coaches have the support network through their Regional WAFC staff.

If you have any further queries please contact your local District or Regional staff member to discuss them further.

Daren Bell
Sharks District Development Officer
West Australian Football Commission

Dangerous Tackles and Umpire Dissent

From Robyn Elms РAdministrator, Fremantle Conference.

At the last Competition Directors meeting Dean Margetts, the WAFC Umpire Development Manager, raised two points to be passed onto Clubs, Coaches and Officials.

(1) Dangerous Tackles

Part of my role is to ensure as many stakeholders are as educated as they can be around “decisions” which cause the most hysteria, Dangerous tackles being number 1 at the moment.

Two video examples are included below – this first clip is a RED CARD every day of the week and as you can see all the cues the umpire looks for are covered.

– Arms Pinned
– Excessive Rotation
– Legs lifted off the ground
– Head is placed in a very vulnerable position

We Must and Will protect the player and the players head at all times

Red Card –

The other one is “flirting” with those boundaries, I am not unhappy it wasn’t paid and at the same time would have been OK if at Juniors it was paid. As I say each decision always has that one which will be on the edge of both, that’s the challenging nature of football.

Borderline – would be OK to pay in Junior/Youth Football –

(2) Umpire Dissent, Intimidation and Abuse

There are continuing reports of dissent of umpire decisions and intimidation and abuse of umpires, leading to umpires leaving the game.

We remind all players, coaches, officials and parents there is ZERO TOLERANCE for any of this. Umpires are there to make decisions – you may disagree with the decision, or the decision may actually be wrong, but there is no excuse for umpires abuse. This is defined in Codes of Conduct and By Laws:

22.11 All team participants, team officials, parents, spectators and club officials are expected to adhere to the following; WA Football supports a ZERO TOLERANCE stance against any form of umpiring or official’s abuse, verbal dissent or intimidation. Any breaches of these codes will result in penalties and sanctions directed at the person responsible, the team and possibly the club.

Players, coaches, officials or parents using any form of umpire abuse, verbal dissent or intimidation will be penalised.